Why Advertise Online?

There are today more than one million Internet users in Lebanon and this number is growing every year – which represents a huge opportunity for any existing company. Internet has become the most cost effective tool to address your audience: only by advertising online you know precisely how many persons you touched and what is your return on investment (number of times your ad has been shown, how many users clicked on it and what action they performed after that)

If you’re not advertising online yet, you should go ahead and try it!


Why Advertise On PostOrGet.com?

The site has received an average of 12,000 unique visitors since it’s launching in January 2014. The average visitor spends an estimated 3:45min with 3.5 pages views on the website. All indicators are on a steady double digit increase growth month over month.



We will send out a monthly email to the entire PostOrGet community showcasing the "Promoted Ads" along with the "Banner Ads".

The email goes directly to the registered users’ inbox along with more than 250,000 registered users in our newsletter's database. So no matter the user has visited the site or not, he is bound to see your Ad. It is a very effective channel for person to person marketing.


Ad Posting

While basic Ad posting is FREE, we charge fees if a user selects a promotion feature like "Special", "First", "Bold", "Border" or "Background" to highlight / distinguish their Ad from others.

Promotion Description Cost
Special The Ad will be published in the module with special ads. $ 20
First The Ad will be published first on the list of ads. $ 6
Bold The Ad will be published in bold on the list of ads. $ 2
Border The Ad be published with border on the list of ads. $ 2
Background The Ad will be published with distinguished background on the list of ads. $ 4


While Ad posting is FREE for a duration of 30 days, we charge fees if a user selects an extended duration like "90days", "180days" or "360days":

Duration Cost
30 days FREE
90 days $ 4
180 days $ 7
360 days $ 11


You can also place advertising throughout the website, which will be visible in all pages and whenever you are in the website, by placing a banner Ad.


Banner Ads

Banners are the most effective means of advertising on the net and generate a lot of response.

PostOrGet offers you 3 advertising positions with 3 options, making it very flexible.


The 3 positions are:

Top Banner 800x200
Left Side Banner 200x200
Bottom Banner 800x200


You can choose between 3 Options:

All Pages The Ad will be visible in each and every page on the site.
Home Page The Ad will be visible on the homepage only.
Related Category Pages The Ad will be visible in a specific category.


Comparison between traditional printed ads vs. online PostOrGet.com banner ads:

News Paper PostOrGet.com
Ad appears only for 1 day Ad appears for 1 whole month
Ad appears on only 1 page Ad appears on each and every page
Ad size is limited Ad size can be unlimited
Ad is static Ad is flashing, clickable & colorful
Ad cost is high Ad cost is low


PostOrGet.com provides a cost effective channel to reach thousands of buyers with much cheaper rates & for a longer duration of time. Below are the charges for our premium features:







30 Days


90 Days

(25% Off)

180 Days

(35% Off)

All Pages Top Banner 800x200 $ 200 $ 450 $ 780
Home Page Top Banner 800x200 $ 100 $ 225 $ 390
Related Category Pages Top Banner 800x200 $ 75 $ 170 $ 290
All Pages Side Banner 200x200 $ 50 $ 113 $ 195
Home Page Side Banner 200x200 $ 30 $ 70 $ 115
Related Category Pages Side Banner 200x200 $ 20 $ 45 $ 75
All Pages Bottom Banner 800x200 $ 150 $ 340 $ 585
Home Page Bottom Banner 800x200 $ 75 $ 170 $ 290
Related Category Pages Bottom Banner 800x200 $ 50 $ 115 $ 195

*Banner creation charges of 10.00 USD extra if done by us.


If you are interested in selecting either one of the above premium feature, please contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Or fill the required fields in the form below:

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