PostOrGet is a free online local classifieds for properties, cars, jobs, services, community, events and more. You can buy or sell various kinds of items such as books, magazines, mobile phones, clothes, electronics, furniture, jeweler, home appliances, CDs, DVDs, residential houses, apartments, commercial shops, offices, cars, bikes, scooters, computers, & so on. In other terms, you can buy or sell just everything.

You can also use the site to find or posts jobs, advertise your business & announce a sale event.


PostOrGet was founded with the belief that there is a need for a better medium through which people can connect to each other.


We saw a need for a place where people in a city can come to find a job, a home to live in, make few friends who share their interests, find soul mates, make announcements about events, trade anything else that they might want or have to offer or help out someone in need.


Please help us spread the word and connect people together in a community!


PostOrGet Team